Too many business professionals disappear into retirement just when they have the most expertise to offer.

If you are an executive or entrepreneur, your work can be grueling.  You've probably thought about getting out of the seat of responsibility.  You dream of the free time to do what you enjoy.  Yet, you don't want to completely disengage from business, and you're concerned about giving up a steady income stream.

You can have both!  Your experience has market value.  You've spent a career building a wisdom base, and today's midsize organizations are desperate to learn from it.  As a business advisor, you can continue contributing to the growth of successful companies and earn steady income while increasing your time flexibility.

Advisor Catalyst equips experienced business professionals with the tools to be independent advisors.  Our Client Delivery Systems™:

  • Produce real business results for clients.
  • Generate steady income for advisors, breaking the Project Boom/Bust Cycle.
    Avoid the Project Boom/Bust Cycle.

    Most consultants are project-oriented. The problem is that such projects require total focus for their duration, leaving no time for business development. When the project ends, they are without work until they can find another project, which only restarts the cycle.

    Business development relies on momentum; it requires frequent contact with prospects and consistent follow-ups with past clients. Our Client Delivery Systems are designed to build long-term client relationships where advisors are trusted for their expertise and paid for value delivered. This model frees significant blocks of time for business development and pursuit of personal interests.

  • Increase the income-to-time ratio for productive work.


Develop Your Own Client Delivery System™

Learn more about the components of an effective Client Delivery System and begin working on building your own CDS.

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For advisors working with CEOs and executive teams of midsize organizations on strategy execution.

Ideal Experience Requirements: 10+ years as a CEO, entrepreneur, or senior executive.

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For advisors serving as part-time CFOs for midsize businesses.

Ideal Experience Requirements: 10+ years as a CPA, CFO, divisional controller, or commercial banker.

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